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 Post subject: Quick Decking Rules.
PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:04 am 

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Hey all, Long time no see. I put together some quickdecking rules a while back, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on them.

Quickdeck rules.
These rules are meant to be a quick and effective way for a GM to add matrix theatrics to a session. It recognizes that the decker is not just a normal computer user, and is an expert in penetrating systems. Shadowrunners were never designed to be the average Joe, and for a time that concept was lost. The goal is to make decking appear to be more like the books where deckers stuck their hands into things and twisted code in order to accomplish their goal. Quickdecking may be a small departure from realism in terms of the mechanics used in order to gain efficiency.

Everything in a system should be sculpted or themed for extra impact. From pagodas and samurai, steam punk airships with dials and tubes to a barn and farm animals. There will be a themes section to help out with ideas if you need some.

The quickdecking rules have stripped things down for efficiency. Filesize, transfer rates, and network speeds have been removed. Programs are more like agents forcing deckers to rely more heavily on their decking abilities and deck. The objective is to reduce inflated system thresholds and unnecessary downtime in programming, and replace it with a decker ripping through the system to retrieve data.

Another change that the quickdecking rules offers is more variety of decks for different purposes. Decks will have different concealabilities, CPU ratings and Response increases. Miniaturization has benefits and costs. The benefit is that it becomes easier to sneak decks into places, the cost is that they aren't as powerful as larger decks, and cost more.

---- to be resolved
Otaku should be able to create their own CPU through karma, like magic initiates, paying similar costs.

In quick decking rules there are some important things to remember:

1. CPU Rating - This is the deck's ability to do work.
* It limits the maximum rating of a program that it can run
* It limits the maximum number of programs that can run
* deck's ability to withstand attacks from IC
* CPU rating will automatically incorporate a programming suite, and utilities for the decker to perform their electronic wizardry.
2. Computer Skill - This is the decker's skill in hacking systems, and ability to tweak program performance
* is used to send fake/spoofed commands to the System in order to gain access
* is used as the decker's attack skil
3. Hacking Pool - Is the pool of concentration that helps deckers work their magic.

* Intelligence + willpower /2 (+dice from SPU math and encephalon)

* used to suppress crashed programs
4. System Rating - This is the system's ability to detect fraudulent commands or users.
* is used in an opposed test with the decker. (Much like spirit banishing)
* the rating is dependant upon the access point (internal/external/device/terminal can have different ratings)
5. Account Rating - this is the security rights that an account has
* if the decker doesn't have an account then they have to hack in to access the system
* every command/file that is greater than the account requires a hack attempt
5. File/Command Ratings - This is the security level on a file/command
* if the file / command rating is greater than the account rating then it requires a hack attempt
* files -> have an access rating, could have paydata value, can be encrypted, or hiding a piece of IC that launches when accessed
6. Programs are bots/agents - programs run and perform actions with limited instructions.
* are similar to spirits when you give them simple instructions
* have a single function
* must have an encephalon process or deck SPU to maintain it
* the advantage is that more actions can be done at the same time, disadvantage is that they don't have hacking pool when they challenge the system unless maintained by the encephalon. (hacking pool can be allocated to a process like a mage allocates shielding dice to a team member)
7. IC - defensive programs launched by the system
* IC are launched when a system wins an opposed test
* IC have 6 forms - Trace - Crash - Dump - Scramble - Burn - Kill
* If trace wins - deckers location is revealed to system and deck needs to be cleaned. Computer skill TN IC rating. Takes IC rating in hours.
* If crash wins - any program that are running on the deck greater than the reduced CPU rating will corrupt. The decker will be required to launch a new program, and maintain it.
* If dump wins - deckers is ejected from the system (roll for dumpshock)
* If scramble wins - all data on the deck if fried
* If burn wins - decker's CPU is fried
* If kill wins - decker's brain fried

Short version
Hack Login
-> computer skill + hacking pool TN system rating vs system rating TN CPU
Locate file
-> computer skill + hacking pool TN system rating vs system rating TN CPU
Download file
-> computer skill + hacking pool TN system rating vs vs system rating TN CPU **1 for each rating of the file or paydata, device
-> computer skill + hacking pool TN IC rating vs IC rating TN CPU **pay 1 encephalon process or hacking pool for each IC crashed
-> repair utility must be greater or equal total damage - can heal 1 rating per complex action, and only up to rating. (ie rating 5 cpu reduced to 2,

Response Increase: 1 2 3 4 5
Response increases are within the deck, can go beyond physical (new lightgates, better fabrication, extra sub processors, etc) Increase cannot be greater than 1/2 the CPU rating (round up)

Decking cyberware:
Encephalon - maintain rating in processes. Can allocate hacking pool dice limited to rating.
1 - 1 processes
2 - 2 processes, +1 cyber reaction
3 - 3 processes, +1 cyber reaction
4 - 4 processes, +2 cyber reaction

spu math adds rating to hacking pool, and some to reaction
1 +1 hack pool, +1 cyber reaction
2 +2 hack pool, +1 cyber reaction
3 +3 hack pool, +2 cyber reaction
4 +4 hack pool, +2 cyber reaction

IC initiative - (rating / 2)d6 + rating

Each system has a directory of files and devices -> and possible list of sub systems

Decking naked:
CPU is 1/2 willpower, crash, scramble, burn and kill all do physical damage, each reduction of willpower is a wound level when exiting matrix. If willpower reaches 0 decker is dumped and takes D physical wound.

Francois has a
rating 5 CPU - response upgrade 2
encephalon 3
computer skill of 6
(int + willpower) /2 + CPU
hacking pool of 8
has attack 5 program/agent
has repair 4/agent
initiative of 3d6 + 12

Goes up against a system 6/8 (6 if accessed from on site, 8 if accessed through matrix)
trace 3
trace 4
crash 4
dump 5
trace 6, scramble 5
burn 6
kill 8

There are several paydata files not related "Project Miles" 3 $1000,4 $500,4 $3000,7 $3000
Looking for a information about "Project Miles" 5

Francois is a decker that was contracted to penetrate the Quebecor datacore.
He's looking to dive into the "Fleur de Lis" system. It's a rating 6 system if he is on site, and 8 if he accesses from the matrix. He decides that it will be easier to get on site, and log into a terminal during his night shift as a cleaner.

Gaining Access:
If Francois had a user Id for this system, he would be able to log in without having to roll. In this example he doesn't so he will need to roll to get access to the system.
If Francois wants to hack the system from the matrix, the GM should have a higher system rating than on site, because inside is generally a more trusted source.

He rolls his computer skill of 6, and chooses to use 6 hacking pool (12 dice) against a system rating (tn 6).
15,10,9,7,5,4,4,3,3,1,1 (4 successes)

The system rolls it's rating (6) against the CPU rating of the deck (tn 5).
11,5,5,3,2,1 (3 successes) There is at least 1 net success, so Francois gets past the access algorithm without any IC spawned.

Now that Francois is in the system he can get to the real work. He has to find a file, download it, and skip out.

Looking around:
Francois is looking for a datafile on "Project Miles".

He decides to launch a search. Since Francois doesn't have a user account, or any security rating, he will have to roll against the system to execute his search.

He rolls his computer skill of 6, and chooses to use 6 hacking pool (12 dice) against a system rating (tn 6).
11,8,7,5,4,4,4,4,2,2,1,1 (3 successes)

The system rolls it's rating (6) against the CPU rating of the deck (tn 5).
11,5,4,3,1,1 (2 successes)

If the system had of rolled 3 successes and tied Francois, the action is not executed and IC are not launched. They will need to try again.
If the system had of rolled 4 successes and exceeded Francois, and the first level of IC would be launched (trace)

Let's pretend the system had more successes. The IC launches, and both IC and and Francois roll initiative. The IC is rating 3 so it gets (3/2 round up) 2d6 + 3 for it's initiative. Francois has (3d6 + 12)

Francois rolls (1,6,3) 10 + 12 = 22. The IC rolled (2, 6) 8 + 3 = 11

Francois decides to attack, to crash the IC. This is where the system stays simple. No programs to load, no crazy formulas.

To attack Francois rolls his decking or computer skill and adds hacking pool. His target number is the rating of the IC, and the IC will use it's rating against the target number being the decker's CPU.

When attacking:
If Francois' CPU is reduced to 0, then Francois is traced, plus his system is compromised, and he is going to have to clean it, in order to get the trace code out. after the fact.
If the IC is reduced to 0 it is crashed and Francois will have to spent either an encephalon process to spoof the IC or one of his hacking pool. The reasoning, is that some of the decker's CPU will have to act the IC, occupying it's memory space and send back code so the system doesn't go on alert.

Francois is going all out and the IC is going to oppose with its rating, he chooses 6 skill and 6 pool, his target number is 3, the rating of the IC.
11,5,4,4,3,3,2,2,2,2,1,1 (6 successes)

The IC is going to resist rolling 3 dice TN 5 (the CPU)
7,4,3 (1 success)

Francois reaches out with his hands, penetrates the shell of the trace IC and twists the code inside scrambling some subroutines reducing it's effectiveness.
Or the attack could be represented as a weapon. The player could decide the cinematics of how they want to attack.

Since the IC lost, it's rating gets reduced by 1, so it is now rating 2.

Francois goes again on 12. He is going to hold back a little, only investing 10 dice against a TN of 2 (the reduced rating of the IC).
13,10,5,5,4,4,2,2,1,1 (8 successes)

The IC rolls 2 dice TN 5 (the CPU)

5,3 (1 success)
The IC again gets reduced, now to 1.

Because IC is code, it is trying to do a function and that is locate Francois, to do so it attacks. To keep things simple all actions are done in the same node, instead of chasing a tracer.

The IC attacks Francois
The IC rolls 1 die TN 5 (the CPU)

Francois is feeling lucky so he will just us his skill and no hacking pool. 6 dice TN 2 (the minimum on any test)
8,5,3,3,3,1 (5 successes)

Crashed IC:
The IC is now reduced to 0, and has to be spoofed/suppressed.

Francois decides to use a process from his encephalon instead of his hacking pool. Leaving 2 processes left.

Fast forward, Francois has located the file. He decides to download it. He will need to make the rating of the file is the number of pieces that the decker must find in order to collect all of information.
This is the reflect the complexity of data, and the likelihood of everything not being in only one place.

Francois still doesn't have a security rating because he is decking the system. He rolls to download the file. This is part 1 of 5.

Player should roll initiative to see how long it takes to get the file. init 21

on 21
He rolls his computer skill of 6, and chooses to use 6 hacking pool (12 dice) against a system rating (tn 6).
15,10,7,5,3,3,3,3,3,2,1 (3 successes)

The system rolls it's rating (6) against the CPU rating of the deck (tn 5).
17,5,5,2,2,1 (3 successes) download it nullified, time to try again.

on 11
He rolls his computer skill of 6, and chooses to use 6 hacking pool (12 dice) against a system rating (tn 6).
8,7,5,5,5,4,3,2,2,1,1,1 (2 successes)

The system rolls it's rating (6) against the CPU rating of the deck (tn 5).
5,4,3,1,1,1 (1 success)

Part 1 has been downloaded. (The GM may decide to have the player browse for each piece and download if he is evil)

on 1
8,7,7,5,5,4,3,3,3,3,1,1 (3 successes)

The system rolls it's rating (6) against the CPU rating of the deck (tn 5).
7,4,3,2,2,1 (1 success)
Part 2 has been downloaded.

If IC at any point had successfully won an attack test, Francois' CPU rating would be temporarily reduced. He can run a repair utility to repair the memory spaces and endless loops within the CPU that have reduced its rating. The repair utility must be greater or equal to the rating it is restoring to.

If Francois has a rating 4 repair utility, he would not be able to use it till his CPU was reduced to 3.

Since Francois has an encephalon, he can decide to load the repair utility and maintain it with an encephalon process while he does other things.

Loading a program takes 1 complex action.

Browse -> search to find files
Login -> system specific
Harvest -> search for paydata -> degrades
Combat -> can autoattack
Decrypt -> used to decrypt files

Any failed command test / triggers IC, which requires another access test. If this fails, attack IC are spawned

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